Born in Nantwich, a farmers son. Phil spent his early years in the leafy

Cheshire countryside.

At junior school Phil sat next to the best artist in his class, initially Phil just

copied his pictures before realising he had ideas of his own that he wanted

to express. At seven years old only two subjects filled his sketch pad,

footballers and Batman, well, after all this was a time when George Best

and Adam West were at the heights of their powers.

Moving on a decade, now covered in hair,

denim and cheesecloth, Phil found himself at

art college. The late seventies saw Phil take

his first step along his lengthy career path as

a Graphic Designer.

Throughout this time Phil always had
a sketch

pad on the go. It was then, around the mid

eighties that he discovered he had a love of

horses and a passion for painting them.

Phil has always loved the challenge of taking

a blank piece of paper and doing something

creative with it.

Today finds Phil happily married and residing in Lancashire, still getting

a buzz from painting whatever people ask him to paint.